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High-level Green Food Industry Chain with "Pearl River Bridge" as the Lead

Established in 1958, Pearl River Bridge brand is one of the first state-owned export food brands going global. As a united trademark, it interprets the profound meaning of oriental flavors for over half a century. Over the development of fifty plus years, with soy sauce as the lead, the Pearl River Bridge condiments have accomplished great achievements, selling well in over 100 countries and regions around the world, and become a model of oriental high-quality food in international market due to its consistent excellent quality.

Where there are human beings, there are Chinese people; where there are Chinese people, there are Pearl River Bridge soy sauces. Wherever the fragrance of Pearl River Bridge spreads, overseas Chinese can feel the deep sense of nostalgia. Foreign friends can also taste the endless charm of Chinese food culture! Pearl River Bridge not only becomes the favorite brand of soy sauce for Chinese worldwide and is widely used by Chinese chefs around the globe, but also enters into kitchens of thousands of households abroad. From East to West, it has created numerous contemporary Chinese delicacies and interpreted a legend of fragrance for more than half a century.



Reputation out of Taste and Brand out of Spread

With our consistent efforts over the past fifty plus years, the small commodity Pearl River Bridge has eventually achieved outstanding accomplishments in the international big market:

Pearl River Bridge has won such honors as Gold prize in SIAL, Arch of Europe, CC100 in total quality control, New Millennium Award (Gold Prize) of European Foods and Drinks, USA Excellent Brand by the Oriental Food Association of USA, and Hong Kong "Super Brand". Pearl River Bridge, as a symbol of Asian food, has been written into the Australian primary school textbooks, enlisted in the official innovative products set in Paris International Food Expo, become one of the top 500 most valuable brands, and won Best Brand Enterprise Award in Hong Kong.

Entering into the 21st century, "Pearl River Bridge", as a renowned brand overseas, has begun to develop the Chinese domestic market in all dimensions. For its legendary success in the global market and domestic honors, "Pearl River Bridge" has won the concerns and praise of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, Chinas Politburo Standing Committee member Li Changchun, former Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi, Former Governor of Guangdong Province Huang Huahua, Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming and other Party and state leaders in Canton Fair. With such predominant status as Chinas Famous Trademark, Chinas Top Brand, China's Export Brand, Annual Top 10 Chinese Brands in Global Markets, China Condiment Enterprises Top Ten, Pearl River Bridge has been ranked as the industry leader.

In October 2008, through integration of the industrial chain of science, industry and trade under "Pearl River Bridge" brand, we have established the Guangdong PRB Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., which has ushered in a new round of take-off with system innovation.

Above left: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao praised "Pearl River Bridge" soy sauce while visiting the 100th Canton Fair: "Good! It is a high value-added product."

Above right: In October 2006, Politburo Standing Committee menber Li Changchun and former Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary Zhang Dejiang visited our booth in the 100th Canton Fair.

Below left: Former Vice Govrnor of Guangdong Province and Mayor of Guangzhou City Wan Qingliang visited our booth in the 100th Canton Fair.

Below right: Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming, Former Governor of Guangdong Province Huang Huahua visited our booth in the 100th Canton Fair.


Absorb the Essence of the Universe and Offer Delicacies to the World

Taking production and management of condiments as the leading industry and adhering to the goal of natural, healthy, and delicious", Pearl River Bridge constantly provides consumers with seasoning treasures of rich varieties and natural nutrition. With the advanced production concept of fully integrating with international food standards and strict quality control system, Pearl River Bridge brings people with much purer, fresher, and healthier taste experience. Currently, it has formed several condiment series such as soy sauce, starchy sauce, seasoning sauce, seasoning powder and vinegar etc..

Product Polished by Superb Workmanship and Quality Guaranteed by Advanced Technology

With a production base of more than 100 thousand square meters, "Pearl River Bridge" has adopted modern advanced equipments and automatic production lines, and gradually achieved an annual output capacity of 200,000 tons of liquid, semi solid and powder condiment products. With over half a centurys professional production experience in brewed condiment and experience in supplying global middle and high-level markets worldwide, "Pearl River Bridge" has developed a strict seasoning production process, and each individual link can be recognized as perfect combination of traditional experience and advanced technology.

"Pearl River Bridge" implements strict quality control measures on each batch of products from the source , that is, the choice of materials, production, and packing, and each process is in full accordance with the international quality inspection standards and advanced production technology process to ensure the overall quality of all products in each manufacturing stage. With its sophisticated natural fermentation process, "Pearl River Bridge" has been highly praised by domestic and foreign experts.




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